Exxon Mobil has recently announced changes to their lubricant distribution channels. E. R. Vine & Sons, due to its desire to offer multiple price points and less expensive brands in addition to our higher priced Mobil product line will not remain a Branded Mobil Distributor.

What does this mean to you as a customer? E. R. Vine will remain a Service Pro and a 76 Lubricant Branded Distributor and stay committed to the demands of this marketing area supplying quality products that are more aligned to the needs of our Central Valley. We recognize that being a California business, farmer, producer, etc., brings with it a most difficult task of “staying” in business by seeking out the best purchase with our available dollars.

Our 76 Brand offers comparable products for most all of Mobil’s line of Industrial, Commercial and Passenger Lines of Lubricants and as always, we are able to secure other brands for particular applications as the market will allow. In addition to us remaining committed to broad product lines our 76 Brand offers excellent technical support and easy to work with upstream resources for your technical questions and special demands. We live in a fast changing world and as we are sure you are aware, we are always adjusting to the times and the needs of customers. Be assured that your needs remain our primary concern.

The motivation behind our decision to select 76 for our replacement brand offering is the company’s dedication to continued growth in the California and World Market and through the consolidation of their multiple lines into 2 brand offerings. Going forward the new name as a result of their consolidation is Phillips 66 and Kendall. Once our transition is completed our Lubricant brands will be Phillips 66, Kendall, Service Pro and Camco.

If you have any questions that our Sales Representatives, your driver, or our Lubricant Division cannot answer, please feel free to contact me direct at 209-537-0723.

Jeff LeBeouf