Have you ever wondered how fuel gets to your farm?

The United States is divided into five geographic areas known as Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts (PADDs). These districts are controlled by the Federal Government, which steps in to control prices or allocations in times of crisis.

The Central Valley is in PADD Five, including California, Hawaii, Washington, Arizona, Alaska, Nevada, and Oregon.

California itself has 22 distribution points for gasoline and diesel, known as racks. Each rack is serviced via a pipeline system, which moves petroleum products throughout the state.

E.R. Vine is your local distributor, purchasing gas and diesel and these racks and then reselling it to our consumers. Our primary lifting point is the Port of Stockton, home to three racks from which we pull product.

That gasoline and diesel is then delivered directly to our bulk plants and, ultimately, customers’ storage tanks – so you can run your farm.