When Bob started his trucking company, he hired family and friends to drive for him. He issued credit and debit cards to those drivers, and Bob manually tracked their fuel expenditures and delivery routes.

Now, five years later, Bob has 12 trucks. Each truck has a day route driver and a night route driver – and Bob doesn’t know some of his drivers too well. Bob thinks some of his drivers might be getting cash back with the company debit cards, but it’s tough to pin down.

So Bob becomes a member of E.R. Vine and the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). E.R. Vine and CFN provide Bob with a fuel management system, security controls, online account access, and a twice-monthly fuel management report. Now Bob can see exactly where his drivers fuel-up, how much gas they buy, and what grade of fuel it is.

And Bob doesn’t have to worry about his drivers finding a station. E.R. Vine operates local CFN locations, and the CFN network stretches nationwide with more than 50,000 stations.

Now Bob is in control of his fleet. And as business continues to grow, Bob feels comfortable ordering three more trucks.