Oil Analysis for Your Lubricant Product with AnalysisPlus


Analysis Plus is extremely simple to use and is featured as The Next Generation of Oil Analysis.

Lubrication Testing serves many purposes and based on your need, can:

  • Assist in determining equipment’s problems

  • Scheduling optimum timing for maintenance

  • Ensure utmost efficiency of equipment

  • Eliminate unnecessary equipment downtime.


AnalysisPlus is a kit that we provide you and/or provide you with the assistance and instruction, providing you the flexibility to test at your own convenience.  AnalysisPlus can test any brand of product, for any type of equipment, in a simplified manner easier than the competition!

We pay for the oil sampling and testing, you pay for the postage to Arizona at approximately $2.94 per sample or UPS return service labels @ $5.00 each. Contact us and we can provide you with your AnalysisPlus Kits.  Our Customer Service will be happy to assist you to ensure that a successful test is performed.

Fuel Analysis is also available for Diesel, Gasoline and Bio-diesel by calling 866-652-2663.